Quadron Covers “Baby Be Mine”

Internet nerds (like me) are rewarded with late night musical treats. A few folks on my twitter timeline were re-posting a link to the video featured above — an exquisite cover by Denmark’s finest Quadron of an MJ classic. Robin and Coco never disappoint and this is no exception — the vocals babble beautifully like a love-song lullaby (say that ten times fast!). I’m also a fan of the video fashioned by Jenna Mangulad (according to the YouTube credits; no clue who that is but if you’re reading, kudos). In this version, Quadron departs from MJ’s signature up-beat pop tempo by opting for a more tender melancholia. Nevertheless, their iteration retains the romantic spirit and adds a twist.

wwww.twitter.com/quadron_quadron www.myspace.com/quadronquadron

Speaking of hauntingly beautiful covers by duos of avant R&B singers, Sonnymoon re-interpreted Drizzy’s “Houstonlantavegas” in a memorable performance at SXSW in The Couch Sessions Suite. Anna and Dane can fill in as Robin and Coco’s white North American (based out of Allston, MA) vocalist counterparts. I’d argue that both of these covers are powerful testaments to the dialogic process of music — artists catalyze each other’s creative production. Meanwhile, we get to witness the exchange fall along a thrilling spectrum of hybrid sound and genre. In both of these examples, high quality experimental music is the end result. I look forward to hearing more unexpected collaborations in the near future. Leave a comment and share your honest opinion!

www.twitter.com/sonnymoonmusic www.myspace.com/sonnymoonmusic

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One Response to “Quadron Covers “Baby Be Mine””
  1. Love this Quadron cover, thank you Isa. I caught her live at Jazz/Reggae fest in LA earlier this year and was thoroughly impressed!

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