I strongly dislike Celebrity Gossip but…

is this forreal? I know it’s problematic to give a fuck but it feels like the perfect “marriage” to stage. I’ve always been partial to Nicki for her theatrics and every Drizzy verse that refers to her (or his “lust” for her) is beyond painfully performative. In some ways this would be an appropriate publicity stunt to keep everyone chirping about nothing while they live peacefully in the shadows of constructed privacy. An arranged marriage of sorts. If you can avoid the paparazzi, you might as well give it a shot. Based on the twitter trending topics, it looks like they’ve already eclipsed all other substantial news. I’m feeling pangs of guilt for feeding into this celebrity gossip machine by contributing a speculative post…thus empowering whatever hoax this potentially is or isn’t. I promise it will be the only one for a minute. If you feel like dropping a comment or sarcastic remark, by all means — I’m eager to listen. I don’t know about y’all but if I were famous, I’d be pulling pranks all day err’day. I’m not even talking about wack ashton kutcher “punked” style or predictable twitter schemes but elaborate ploys. I’ll think of some examples and get back to you.

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