Madlib Medicine Show No. 8 :: Advanced Jazz

The Madlib Invasion continues with the 8th installment of the Madlib Medicine Show aptly titled “Advanced Jazz”. In January, Madlib launched his ambitious once-a-month, twelve-CD, six-LP series of “original hip-hop, remix, beat tape and jazz productions” alongside “mixtapes of funk, soul, Brazilian, psych, jazz and other undefined forms of music from the Beat Konducta’s 4-ton* stack of vinyl” (excerpted from Stones Throw). Beyond the high quality and imaginative composition, “Advanced Jazz” features the classic painting “Jazzcats Crossing the Hudson” by German American artist Emanuel Gottlieb Leutze. According to RappCats, “Jazzcats Crossing the Hudson” is an 1851 oil-on-canvas painting that pre-emptively commemorates the arrival in New York City of jazz greats Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Sun Ra, Pharoah Sanders, Steve Kuhn and others. The painting is remarkable for the fact that it was created decades before the birth of any of these jazz artists.” I am inspired by Madlib’s consistent ability to curate images that compliment his musical selections — he provides a necessary model for all artists to push their work by exploring other mediums. In effect, he creates a dialogue between artists (of varying forms) and the music he produces. According to the title card, “Advanced Jazz” serves as an 80-minute music history course “taking place in a dusty, hazy studio with wall-to-wall jazz vinyl – records from the past 40 years – jazz, fusion, funky, obscure” (excerpted from Stones Throw). That is, Madlib is invested in historicizing the music he selects for each installment within the Madlib Medicine Show to give greater context to our listening experience. If you’re as compelled as I am by the scope and ambition of Madlib’s undertaking (and should you have $13.99 to spare), be sure to support Madlib and cop your very own copy via Stones Throw. For even more information on “Advanced Jazz” continue reading here. Ok enough talking (or typing), let’s take a listen…

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