Just Blaze x Jay Electronica Live @ Yoshi’s SF

I had the great pleasure of seeing Just Blaze (The Megatron Don) perform this past Saturday at Yoshi’s Jazz Club in San Francisco. To everyone’s surprise, the illustrious Jay Electronica made a guest appearance to rock Exhibit A and C. As one might imagine, their dynamic on stage is playful and clearly rooted in a long standing personal/professional relationship that continues to produce face-melting hip hop. In the video, you will also bear witness to Just Blaze’s many unknown talents from percussion to singing (you can tell he has pipes even though he’s playing it off) as well as a heartfelt “thank you” from Jay Elect to Just Blaze for Exhibit C’s undeniable contributions to the momentum of his career. (I still think Exhibit A often goes overlooked and under appreciated). Ultimately, Just Blaze and Jay Elect successfully rescued the night from the depths of awkward, poorly time-managed hip hop show hell. Lately San Francisco shows have been particularly saturated with rhythmically challenged white people who confidently mis-quote Gang Starr (RIP Guru!) lyrics and furiously nod their heads…off beat. Sigh, the key to enjoying live music is to simply drown everyone else out. If you fall into patterns of people watching you may start fearing for hip hop’s future. However, there’s always at least a handful of fellow music enthusiasts who are feeling just as alienated as you are by the circus of inebriated douchebaggery. I digress…enjoy the montage and peep the vimeo for better quality.

6 Responses to “Just Blaze x Jay Electronica Live @ Yoshi’s SF”
  1. you are super hilarious…@ the white people misquoting guru’s lyric. hip-hop is need of a renovation..and you know what boo, we’re making it happen. holla!

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