Visual Wizardry: Exhibit A

Let’s kick things off with a contradiction! I pledged not to rewind into the past but alas (yeah, that rhymes), I think these visuals need to be engaged. Jay uploaded this to his personal YouTube account last Thursday and I hope he releases more footage soon. The cryptic credits give praise to director Jason Goldwatch “The Wizard of Eyes” and cinematographer “Robot The Magnificent”. In recent months, the hip hop universe has caught Jay Elect fever and sparked quite the frenzy over his recent track Exhibit C. For those of you who have listened to Jay express confusion (or baseline intrigue) in the hype surrounding this joint, it might be worthwhile to review his older material to contextualize this new contagious love for all things Jay Electronica. That said, it’s exciting to hear an emcee of Jay’s caliber on the radio and receiving respect and appreciation from diverse audiences. Let’s ride this wave. While I have been steady knockin’ Exhibit C since Just Blaze’s informal radio-rip drop, it is far from eclipsing joints like “Eternal Sunshine” or “Trolley Stop”. Let’s all dig into our musical archives and revisit the golden nuggets of Jay Elect circa 2007, shall we?

3 Responses to “Visual Wizardry: Exhibit A”
  1. seher says:

    🙂 INCREDIBLE video….i was stunned by it…on some visual arteest estudiando ish. and yes, my ees, i may need to do a little jay time traveling myself…hepp?

  2. Isa says:

    if you search my blog archives for “jay electronica” it will re-direct you to older posts with music links and downloads. here’s a thorough one: (hopefully the links aren’t broken, i’ll double check) =) thanks for dropping all the comments, love! everyone peep seher’s incredible photography portfolio. this lady is a force to be reckoned with.

  3. Ash says:

    Looks like 2010 will be the year of Jay Electronica.

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