Ready Or Not, Here I Come…

My trusted readers, I appreciate all of your love and support throughout the recent dry spell of updates. I got caught up in the tide of life but I have returned with renewed energy and momentum moving forward. While I am tempted to blast back posts on all of the new releases and political happenings, I think it’s best to avoid redundancy. I will say it’s strange and a bit overwhelming how much “happens” in cyberspace within a short month or two. It’s an impossible task to keep up or catch up as the case may be. As you can imagine, I have thoughts to fill pages on the crisis in Haiti and the continuum of responses immediately following. If you want to gauge how I’m feeling before I go in on the situation, peep my fellow poet, activist and dear friend Josh Healey draw important parallels between Haiti and New Orleans and offer an important challenge to re-conceptualize “relief” as it is commonly imagined. Read the article in full HERE. I hope to offer my two cents over the upcoming week, I encourage folks to research the track records of the organizations collecting donations (I personally suggest Partners In Health and Doctors Without Borders). Beyond that, look forward to a steady flow of updates on hip hop, current events and general commentary on my circus of a life. I hope you all had a peaceful transition into the new year and may we all use the blueprints of survival from 2009 to maneuver the next 12 months with patience and the comfort of knowing that ultimately, we know nothing. Drop me a line and let me know what you’ve been thinking/feeling these days.

3 Responses to “Ready Or Not, Here I Come…”
  1. seher says:

    beautiful and thoughtful as always. thanks for the words, love 🙂

  2. Ash says:

    I’ll check that out. This is totally in line with topics I’m trying to address on my blog.

  3. jillian says:

    welcome back, darling!

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