BlakRoc and Black Dante Speaks

“most say I’m politically incorrect / but most people scared they spit it so indirect” Jim Jones

Admittedly, I have been sleeping on the highly anticipated collaborative BlakRoc album bringing together the disparate sounds and styles of Mighty Mos, The Black Keys, Raekwon, Jim Jones, Q-Tip, RZA and many more. In truth, I nearly forgot about it entirely until I stumbled upon the vinyl version in Amoeba on Sunday (shout out to my crate digging partner-in-crime, Nicky Free). While the album’s official release date passed on November 27, 2009, I feel it deserves a delayed post with respective props (I humbly accept a late pass). What’s more entertaining than musical trailers highlighting Damon Dash coordinating an endearingly awkward introduction between The Black Keys and Black Dante? Jimmy Jones sharing the booth with an entourage of eager white folks hype off their newly acquired “street cred” (just playing…mostly). That reminds me of the time I ran into Jimmy on 6th ave and 14th street outside of that 99 cent store…my homegirl had him sign her pack of cigarettes and exchanged a few quips. How I miss serendipitous NYC run-ins. In other news, DJ Semtex uploaded a 3 part series to Vimeo of interviews with Mighty Mos on a host of interesting topics from 2009 highlights in music and film to his ruminations on Soulja Boy and the politics of preserving one’s swagger. Whereas everyone else seems to be tired of Mos sharing his thoughts, I could listen to him talk shit for days on end. Who else can make dynamic and hilarious off-the-cuff jokes about “going green” re: swagger? And while his bravado is far from subtle, you simply can’t deny the important contribution of The Ecstatic to hip hop’s contemporary landscape. I’m willing to engage any of y’all in a healthy debate about that! Be sure to peep these DJ Semtex interviews in full and go cop that BlakRoc album, I promise to post my thoughts ASAP!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

3 Responses to “BlakRoc and Black Dante Speaks”
  1. doeyz says:

    but isn’t TV on the Radio or Dragons of Zynth Black Rock? Wait, isn’t rock’s genesis black? why name it BlacRock?

  2. Nick James says:

    blackroc album sucks

  3. Isa says:

    astute commentary my friends (lol) but yes, after several listens I can’t co-sign blakroc too hard. I appreciate the concept of the project but honestly the execution fell short. in any case, carry on dante…carry on.

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