Sade’s Return: Solider Of Love


Sade is back and her return is epic beyond measure. In truth, I continue to characterize Sade as musical royalty which is simply to say that I’m generally unable to offer useful critique of her music at this moment. The devastatingly beautiful cover art alone puts her in a category apart from the rest. In my eyes, she makes even the biggest giants in the game shrink back down to amateur size. May she set the law of the land. Let us begin the countdown to the (overdue) release of her aptly entitled album “Soldier Of Love” slated to drop on February 8, 2010. According to Kingz over at Y2kDaily, “Soldier Of Love” which Sade co-produced with Mike Pela, was written by Sade along with longtime collaborators Andrew Hale, Stuart Matthewman and Paul Spencer Denman. The track, featuring a pulsating and anthemic drum beat along with haunting vocals that Sade is known for, is also set to debut at radio December 8th and will kick off the countdown for “Soldier of Love”. Basically, download “Soldier of Love” now & repeat.

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