Pill 4075: The Refill

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pill2Who better to break my blogging hiatus than Atlanta’s Pill? Hailing from numerous projects in the ATL, Pill also known as “Young Psych” in Pink City (where he currently resides) is breathing new life into the rap game. After the first listen, I immediately drew a parallel between Pill and Paper Route Gangtaz (PRG). Beyond sharing roots down South, both have cultivated an innovative sound courtesy of Mick Vegas production whose choice beats continue to disrupt hip hop cliches through diversified soundscapes. In truth, the provocative production is what sets a rapper like Pill apart from the rest. Similar to artists like PRG, Jay Electronica and Shafiq Husayn, Pill takes necessary risks by blurring the lines of genre and cross-pollinating juxtaposed sounds and samples that could potentially alienate or confuse unimaginative audiences. Ultimately, these artists are responsible for formulating a new musical grammar. I sincerely look forward to witnessing the evolution of Pill as a rapper and an artist over time (which is rare and refreshing). Coincidentally, today marks the highly anticipated release of the sequel to his very first mixtape, 4075: The Refill (an undeniably clever title) for FREE 99. With sustained support from the likes of The Fader, I anticipate Pill’s following to grow and build exponentially in the immediate future. While I have no doubt that Pill will be romanticized (in the same way PRG was) by predominantly NY white hipster audiences eager for a new Southern rapper from the projects to hype, name drop and imitate, I am excited that his reach is extending far beyond Atlanta’s city limits. It would be a mistake to let the rather intoxicating beats eclipse the compelling story telling that animates each track. That said, Pill’s versatility is something to applaud — a joint like “Pain In They Eyes” produced by Ced L. Young (easily my favorite off 4075: The Refill) is both a club banger and an anthem to Pink City street life. Now, I can only hope that you will all take this suggestion seriously and download his mixtape to decide for yourselves. By now you should know I would never waste your time pushing a mediocre artist. Ignore the hype and just listen…

Download 4075: The Refill HERE. Follow Pill on Twitter HERE. Listen to Pill on MySpace HERE.

One Response to “Pill 4075: The Refill”
  1. Mikey McFly says:

    I may have to give it a listen

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