These Are The Break/s: RIP Grandmaster Roc Raida

rocHip hop is in a perpetual state of mourning. Today is no exception. Anthony Williams better known as Grandmaster Roc Raida unexpectedly passed away this morning on September 19, 2009 at the young age of 37 reportedly due to health complications related to a spinal injury (reports have yet to be confirmed). A legend in his own right, Roc Raida will forever be remembered for pioneering turntablism and innovating the art form well beyond his competitors. Equipped with a larger-than-life persona, the Grandmaster himself stands unparalleled in his mastery of the nuanced and complex language of the wheels of steel. Roc Raida was best known for his lively displays of choreographed body tricks and absolute precision. Additionally, we must pay our respects to Raida’s legendary crew X-Men (b/k/a/) The X-Ecutioners whose lineup included founder Rob Swift, Total Eclipse, Mista Sinista and (of course) Roc Raida (other members include: Steve Dee, DJ Boogie Blind and DJ Precision). There’s simply not enough space in the blogosphere to fit all of his well deserved awards/accolades and contributions to the culture from the 1995 DMC World DJ Championship to his work with the likes of Show & AG, Jungle Brothers, Smif-N-Wessun, Busta Rhymes and Large Professor. Beloved by all Beat Junkies, Raida lives on as the keeper of Hip Hop’s heartbeat — the human metronome. Honestly, are the Gods building an army of legends in preparation for a battle on the horizon? I am not here to push conspiracy theories but chalking it all up to coincidence seems equally absurd. The task at hand is to make sure that history does not disappear with its pioneers. We must keep the legacies of Roc Raida (Dilla, Baatin, Jam Master Jay, Dusk 1, Rob 1, Bigga B, Proof, MJ, James Brown etc) alive through acts of remembrance and celebration. If you’re reading this, tune into JROCC’s (Beat Junkie Radio) live stream in loving memory of Roc Raida. These are the break/s…

Rest in peace and power, Grandmaster Roc Raida. Condolences to his family and loved ones.

One Response to “These Are The Break/s: RIP Grandmaster Roc Raida”
  1. Selim W says:

    Rest in Peace, peace to his family and friends

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