Save Free Library of Philadelphia!


yaylibrary!The shit storm that is 2009 continues to claim lives (rest in peace, Patrick Swayze) and now even our public libraries are at risk! While the blogosphere and twitterverse continue to beat the already dead horse that is Kanye West to a pulp (yes, I am combining redundant idioms), I hope to shift the focus momentarily to the tragic closing of ALL Free Library of Philadelphia branches (regional and central libraries) effective October 2, 2009. How we find ourselves in a position to fight for our public LIBRARIES to stay open is frankly beyond my human capacity for understanding. While we indulge in the excesses of mediocre video music award shows (and the drama/trauma they induce), the Pennsylvania State Senate once again fails to pass a budget. Excuse my cliche guilt trip but I am perplexed by our upside down priorities and the ways in which “economic recession” create convenient opportunities to close down schools and libraries. According to the Huffington Post, no public officials have set a potential reopening time for the libraries. No access to the Internet, cancellation of after-school education programs in libraries, GED and ESL programs discontinued, and (obviously) no access to free books, magazines or movies (NBC Philadelphia) are just a few of the many material ramifications of this mandatory closing. Visit for a comprehensive list of the programs to be discontinued after the close of business, October 2, 2009. Rather than sit here and blog commentary on the absurdity of this situation, I urge you to take one the following three actions (via Free Library):

4 Responses to “Save Free Library of Philadelphia!”
  1. chajlo says:

    dman yo, i had no idea about this

  2. chajlo says:

    also, PA refusing to pass the budget is having serious, serious consequences for everybody that works for or depends on social services in the state. for real for real for real.

  3. Mikey McFly says:

    THANK YOU!!! I was Twitter ranting and raving about this yesterday

  4. Lois P. says:

    this is beyond heartbreaking, thank you so much for sharing. i send so much love.

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