Nicolay Music Presents “City Lights Vol. 2: Shibuya”

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3879766808_4d9df645baWhat can I say? With Nicolay, I always expect something different, dynamic and beautiful and that’s exactly what I receive in return. Another example of how we are each other’s expectations. Today I have been swimming in an expansive ocean of new music — it’s refreshing to move from the shallow waters of BP3 to the risky territories of Raekwon and further beyond into the quiet chaos of Shibuya. It is this place where I choose to tread water — inhaling “Omotesando” and exhaling “Bullet Train”. As a “deeply personal homage to the Tokyo district of Shibuya that illustrates both the grandeur of Japan’s age-old heritage as well as the hectic city life of one of the world’s busiest metropolitan areas,” I have no doubt that one’s first-hand travel experience in Japan (particularly to Shibuya) would enrich and inform one’s listening experience. However, as a listener who can only dream of this place, I use the complex sounds and moods to conjure forth juxtaposing images — a blueprint for a city whose streets I have yet to wander. If the sampler is any indication of the quality of the 8 other tracks, we can and should expect big things. According to OkayPlayer, “[In Shibuya] the instrumental pieces are book-ended by several vocal songs written by Phonte and performed by Durham, North Carolina vocalist Carlitta Durand“. Shibuya drops September 15. Download now!

One Response to “Nicolay Music Presents “City Lights Vol. 2: Shibuya””
  1. cecil says:

    i was in shibuya yesterday! this song is awesome too. i should listen to it as i walk around tokyo… yay!

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