Subtract The Wack: When White People Do Hip Hop



Honestly, I hope drugs were involved in the making of this frighteningly hilarious hip hop rip-off. Photos provided by the homie DJ Ness via twitpic. After some digging, I found these gems of YouTube clips from the actual Hip Hop Homeroom DVD in case you were debating purchasing this for the recession special price of $1.99 (I know people are broke but knowing they’re only worth $2 must be a serious blow to their fragile teenage egos). Perhaps the strangest part of the entire DVD is that it’s only interested in teaching basic addition. Why do white people need to employ “hip hop” as a “funky” learning tool when the difficulty level never surpasses 1 + 1 = 2 ??? How dumb are suburban kids these days? Is counting “baton twirlers” actually useful or just an excuse to drown kids’ baby faces in make up and crown their heads in neon-colored paperboy hats? Let’s not even talk about the awkward “mean mugs” and miscellaneous thug-soft peace signs and b-girl stances. I’d be lying if I told you I wasn’t thoroughly amused by this hot mess of an attempt at making learning “fun” and “funky”. Poor hip hop, you have become multiculturalism’s favorite (exploitable) friend. Next lesson: how to subtract the wack! (Hip Hop Homeroom, I’m talking to you). Y’all are not even ready for this:

Someone please make a clever remix to these songs or videos. I beg of you!

One Response to “Subtract The Wack: When White People Do Hip Hop”
  1. L says:

    This is the funniest thing..imagine the inner monologue of the one black girl..what did her parents get her into??!

    Next summer, Tals, Lisa and I need to properly time our visit together so we can come do a remix of these videos.

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