The Plot Thickens: Jay-Z “Off That”

It’s official: not even Timbaland production can save The Blueprint 3. Feel free to disagree with me but this track is straight trash. Shout out to OKP for keeping it one hunnit and heeding the wisdom of Andre 3000 — “‘this old lady told me if I ain’t got nothin’ good, say nathan..” Nathan’ it … Continue reading

The Business of Creativity: Art & Copy

As an interesting follow-up to my previous post, I stumbled upon the trailer for Art & Copy (via @DeePhunk over at Trees For Breakfast) that raises similar questions about the business of creativity. The trailer opens with the following quotation: “The frightening and most difficult thing about being what somebody calls a ‘creative person’ is … Continue reading

Death of Album Artwork: Jay-Z’s The Blueprint 3

With the blogosphere buzzing over the latest leak of the artwork and rumored tracklisting for Jay Z’s Blueprint 3, I’m caving under pressure to offer my two cents. Truth be told, I’ve never been much of a Jay-Z head and witnessing the way fools jock his every move isn’t propelling me into fandom. For some … Continue reading

Splittin’ Atoms, Spittin’ Flames, Bringin’ Change

Major props to FroLab for providing this exclusive footage from the New Orleans stop on The Ecstatic tour. For obvious reasons (New Orleans is Jay Electronica’s hometown), the N.O. show will most likely be the one to beat (unless it’s unbeatable). You can catch me BUGGIN’ the eff OUT through the entirety of Jay Elect’s … Continue reading

Richard Avedon: Ruminations on American Photography

The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SF MoMA) is currently exhibiting the enrapturing work of American fashion photographer Richard Avedon. Admittedly, I tend to be skeptical of photography as a medium out of being subjected to the mediocre portfolios of boring self-proclaimed “photographers” who applaud recycled and uninspired angles and lighting. I found the … Continue reading

Rest In Peace, Tadd

Rest In Peace, Tadd Gero “Tomorrow may never come For you and me Life is not promised You better hold this very moment very close to you Very close to you Shine your light for the world to see Don’t be afraid to let it shine…”

Dwele “Travelin’ Girl” (Live)

Dwele Baby, I feel lukewarm about the extra fat dookie rope chain but I dig everything else.

Buggin’ Out on Facebook!

Good morning, loves. How are you feeling today? When I ask that question, I don’t take it lightly. You might not feel like sharing the details of your life on my comments section but for those who do, let us know what’s going on with you! As for me, I’m trying to maintain this blog … Continue reading

14KT “Nowalataz”

DOWNLOAD: 14KT “NOWALATAZ” “Here it is… a project I unofficially had done since 2006. It started when James Yancey a.k.a. J Dilla passed that February. To cope with the death of my favorite producer, who I liked to call my unofficial “musical mentor,” I started making ‘donuts’ …uncontrollably. I never planned to release any of … Continue reading

Tracy Morgan is The New Black

“My last girlfriend left me because on Valentine’s I got her a snickers and some grass” Jimmy Fallon had the pleasure of interviewing Tracy Morgan for his 100th show (via Endangered Peace) and as per usual, Tracy spoke entirely in non-sequiturs (and we love him for it). Honestly, interviewing Tracy Morgan should be a mandatory … Continue reading