Rhapsody Redemption?

jayz-blueprint3In an interesting turn of events (*gasp* another coincidence?!), the Rhapsody advertisement for Jay-Z’s Blueprint 3 (released today) recreates past iconic Jay-Z album covers. To quote tastemaker Steve Pristin, “Blueprint 3 Commercial > Blueprint 3 Album”. It’s an impressive feat to put out a one minute advertisement that eclipses an entire album. Record breaking, indeed. While I agree the concept and execution of the ad is a good look, I find it amusing that the only album cover not recreated is in fact BP3 — after all, how would that logistically work? Actually, it could have been an opportunity for redemption if they had hired a talented tech savvy designer to excavate and expose the multiple layers of history and music contributing to the BP3 schema. However, it’s clear by now that Jay-Z’s marketing camp is invested only in keeping up appearances so there’s no point in speaking hypothetically about what will never happen. I apologize for the impenetrable sarcasm and haterade — the next entries will come from a loving place, I promise. This highly unanticipated album has already leaked two weeks before it’s scheduled release date and the reviews are far from surprising. Save a few tracks here and there, even Jay-Z’s most loyal ride or die fans are waving the white flag in surrender…but let’s not beat a dead horse, hip hop marches forth largely unaffected. Download here.

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