Dime Piece X Cassie 2009

Picture 81Picture 83Among my close circle of friends, I’m known for doing a mean (as in accurate but highly exaggerated) impression of Cassie’s monotone/generic singing style and forced bedroom eyes “exotic” sex appeal. Apparently, the joke is on me because after all I’m dedicating an entire post to the release of her latest clothing line. To steal a quotation from an old professor’s facebook profile (*fml*), “half of life is figuring out which contradictions you’re willing to live with” so let’s consider Cassie one of those irreconcilable paradoxes. Earlier this week, I browsed some preliminary shots from the Dime Piece x Cassie Autumn/Winter 2009 colleciton via Diddy’s twitpic archive and today I visited the official look book via boopiece Jillian (check her out!). While I’m not sold on the “upscale” facelift of punk rock/grunge nostalgia (that includes a strange sampling of flannel prints, clear plastic mini-skirts and knee-high white patent leather dr. marten’s), I fancy the well ventilated mixed-material sweatshirts equipped with hoods deep and wide enough to hide when necessary. I’m a sucker for the mesh lining and flattering cut. The accents (blinged out clear frames, acrylic nails and chunky bracelets) don’t hurt either. I’m interested in the placement of chains on the shoulder draping down both arms although the pose and parachute pants invoke a faux-Egyptian “exotic” aesthetic that warrants concern. I can dig an oversized black scarf matched with a neutral sleek blazer. While I would agree that some of the other pieces work on Cassie, I think they’d look awkward and contrived on other women who don’t have teams of stylists at their disposal. What are your thoughts? Would you cop any (dime) pieces? Visit the website and have a hearty laugh at the “About” description. First line: “DimePiece is a lifestyle and brand aimed at catering to all the boss bitches dipped in sauce.” Sigh, don’t get me started on the watered down “pussy power” feminism of this brand. Oh and cover your ears, her joint “Let’s Get Crazy” may cause irreversible damage. Peep:

Picture 84Picture 85Picture 91

Picture 90Picture 92Picture 93

Picture 96Picture 97 + Browse the official Dime Piece x Cassie Autumn / Winter 2009 Collection +

3 Responses to “Dime Piece X Cassie 2009”
  1. christine says:

    Reasons why I need to cop that hoodie asap:

    1) The side mesh gives the illusion of an hour glass shape, heeelllaaa flattering
    2) Side ventilation panels- fresh and functional
    3) Deep hood
    4) High structured neck
    5) Mesh lining in the hood-interesting and aesthetically consistent

    Other reactions- tassels on the shoulders? maybe fun if you plan on shimmying in the club, but does not work in that pic. tassels in the forearms? you couldn’t eat soup, girl! not cool. flannel on the waist? what is that? what is that supposed to be? an updated, high fashion take on when fools tied flannel on their waists? the concept and its actualization fall short.

  2. seher says:

    she lookin mighty blown out in some of these pics #photogfail

    but forreal…that sweatshirt joint caught my eye as well…it’d dope – i’d rock 🙂

    pupu pahverrr.

  3. seher says:

    and the white docs are kinda fresh as well…you’d just have to be mindful of how you rock em…in mi opinioooonnn. i kinda want lace up dominatrix butchy boots. iono.

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