Drake ft. Wayne, Ye, & Eminem “Forever” Leak


+ DOWNLOAD: Drake feat. Lil Wayne, Kanye West & Eminem “Forever” (prod. Boi-1da) +

forever-450x256We might be breaking records this week for the number of leaks! I kept my expectations fairly low for this “all star” collaboration precisely because their names alone generate enough hype to get by on mediocrity. However, Eminem’s superior performance and Drake’s hard hitting hook is giving me a run for my money. Can we agree that Drake’s wordplay “like a sprained ankle / I’m nothing to play with” is particularly hilarious in light of recent events? Meanwhile, Ye continues to recycle the same old tired “stuck my dick in this life until the bitch came” tricks. Wow, Yeezy, never heard that one before (add healthy serving of sarcasm). With no end in sight to his megalomania, we can expect nothing less than boring “big fame / big chain” American dream stories until we’re blue in the face. Nothing interesting to say about Weezy’s contribution — qualifies as a throwaway verse if you ask me. According to Rap Radar and Nah Right, this is the wrong master of the song (a remastered version will be available tomorrow) so you can expect updated reactions when the next iteration drops and I’ve marinated in the music. Leak via Rap Radar. Photos via ThisIs50.com and Nah Right.

3 Responses to “Drake ft. Wayne, Ye, & Eminem “Forever” Leak”
  1. 4 of the best rappers in one song this is killer ….thanks for sharing

  2. LonniE says:

    Nice blog, anyway whats up?

  3. LonniE says:

    Shady is The Best.

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