Aaliyah Revisited: Rest In Power



Today marks the eighth anniversary of the tragic passing of R&B ‘s leading lady, Aaliyah Dana Haughton. As a tried and true Aaliyah fan, I want to recognize and celebrate the impressive body of work she shared with the world — a necessary ritual of healing and remembrance. While nothing can compare to the listening experience of Aaliyah’s original music, I am excited by SoulCulture’s 2009 tribute EP Aaliyah Revisited that compiles “ten of today’s progressively soulful artists’ recorded interpretations of their favorite Aaliyah songs”. “Available immediately as a free download package, Aaliyah Revisited contains eight songs featuring indie soul artist and occasional Brand New Heavies vocalist Sy Smith (currently providing backing vocals for American Idol), Grammy-nominated singer/songwriter Marsha Ambrosius, rising London soul talents Tawiah and Baby Sol, NYC-based beauty creator Jesse Boykins III, Danish R&B/Soul sensation Jonas, saccharine Basement Jaxx vocalist Vula, London-based producer Black Einstein, plus international future starlet Nikko Gray with California’s ‘cosmic conductor’ AFTA-1.” Overall, I dig the project but specifically the tracks contributed by Jesse Boykins, Marsha Ambrosius, Vula, and Nikko Gray/AFTA-1. I appreciate the joints that reinvent the original sound while staying true to it’s essence (ugh, I never succumb to vague buzz words like “essence” but I can’t think of a synonym that works here). Download it and let me know what you think. For those of you who are still in need of solid and comprehensive Aaliyah mixes, check out DJ Caps’ Aaliyah Tribute Mix that features all the classics in a smooth and soulful medley. Enjoy:

Rest in peace, Aaliyah. We miss you.

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