Buggin’ Out on Facebook!

imbugginGood morning, loves. How are you feeling today? When I ask that question, I don’t take it lightly. You might not feel like sharing the details of your life on my comments section but for those who do, let us know what’s going on with you! As for me, I’m trying to maintain this blog and keep it interesting and updated. I invite anyone to comment on what they would like to see more of (or less of) as I proceed. I’m open to any and all feedback (and I’m not just saying that). Shout out to Christine AM for the new background design. We’ll be testing out a variety of designs over the coming weeks, feel free to offer critique along the way. Shout out to everyone who is finding time for what they love in spite of recession and all the nonsense of everyday life. You inspire me. I’m not trying to get my Deepak Chopra on this morning — living life like a fortune cookie is not what this is about (#shotsfired). In other news, I created a “fan” page on Facebook for Buggin’ Out and with only 9 fans (you have to start somewhere?) I thought I’d reach out to any readers who’d like to support me in other ways. Click the link HERE and “Become a Fan”. You might’ve already guessed that the word “fan” makes me seriously uncomfortable. I figured out that most folks link to my blog via Facebook so I thought managing a fan page might make things easier for y’all. If we’re not already friends on Facebook, feel free to holler at me by clicking HERE and sending me a message or what have you. Thanks again for following the blog, it means a lot. On a final note, please please please scroll down and download 14kt’s “Nowalataz” LP, it will undoubtedly improve your day at the office or at home. I don’t co-sign just anybody but he is on some next level production with this project. To summarize:

+ Become a Fan of Buggin’ Out on Facebook
+ Download 14kt “Nowalataz” LP
+ Add me on Facebook

2 Responses to “Buggin’ Out on Facebook!”
  1. Jillian says:

    Now you got 10 fans. Double digits, Ma!

  2. Isa says:

    I appreciate you, love ❤

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