Tracy Morgan is The New Black

“My last girlfriend left me because on Valentine’s I got her a snickers and some grass”

TracyMorgan_blogJimmy Fallon had the pleasure of interviewing Tracy Morgan for his 100th show (via Endangered Peace) and as per usual, Tracy spoke entirely in non-sequiturs (and we love him for it). Honestly, interviewing Tracy Morgan should be a mandatory test that all late night personalities and VJs must pass before being hired. It looked like Jimbo thoroughly enjoyed the experience as he shamelessly giggled at every seemingly unrelated comment, question or joke Tracy threw at him. “Did you ever question the knowledge?!” is one of my favorite parts followed by Tracy calling Black Thought a baby when asking if he was around “back in 88.” You can’t script this shit. Enjoy this throwback:

One Response to “Tracy Morgan is The New Black”
  1. Mikey McFly says:

    Babes I Love You And The Site… This thing here cracked me up

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