Crate King: DJ Muro


dj-muroJapan, stand up! (My bad, I couldn’t resist). As you all know, blogs these days are only preoccupied with what’s NEW and HOT (whatever that means) and frankly, I can’t keep up with the A.D.H.D. pace of updates and the superficial standard of information that is copied and pasted all over the Internet. That is to say, sometimes I will post music that’s been in circulation that I’ve rediscovered or impulsively feel like sharing. Today is one those times. The legendary Japanese producer and DJ cheesin’ in the photograph to your left is the crate diggin’ king himself: DJ MURO. I was introduced to his smooth sounds by my dear friend, Lucas, while driving to the arboretum in Jamaica Plain (shout out to the bean). MURO’s resume speaks for itself as a founding member of KRUSH POSSE (a crew of rappers and Djs including DJ Krush) in the late 80’s and collaborator with Japan’s infamous Nitro Microphone Underground. Most commonly known and appreciated for his impressive vinyl collections and vast, encyclopedic knowledge of hip hop, MURO represents a dying breed (which is why we must appreciate him again and again). Admittedly, I’ve developed a slight addiction to his compilation: 45arepm in which “every track on this compilation is recorded using 2 turntables and vinyl records only. No part of this CD was digitally enhanced in anyway. In addition, every record was originally meant to be played back at 33rpm. DJ Muro has masterfully created this mix whereby he plays each record at the incorrect speed of 45rpm” (quoted from the disc description). The compilation features classics from Isaac Hayes and Lenny Williams to The Moments and Dianne Reeves. Trust me, you need this in your collection and if you already do — have another listen!


…footage via Sam via Crate Kings. MURO has no website to plug just download and listen!


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