14kt Shines On

Picture 45


Fret not fellow hip hop enthusiasts, the karat gold classic kid (14kt) is here to make it all better. I’ve been following this Michigan based renaissance man for a cold minute and he continues to deliver the goods. Throughout the week he’s leaked a few tracks off of his upcoming album Nowalataz (set to drop this Monday, August 18th) of “Dilla-donut inspired beats he put together right after the legendary producer passed, but kept locked away until now” (according to Smoking Section). Here is what 14kt had to say about my favorite of the two tracks “Hello”: “Around July of 06, I was in a record store digging and I discovered a copy of the best of Jackson 5 Picture Disc Vinyl. I’m a MJ fan so I immediately copped it. That night I went home & was listening to it for the next couple days. A few days after I bought it, my homey Ro (Octane/Burn Rubber Store)’s firstborn daughter was born. I happen to be in the lab when I found out and wanted to make a “donut” for him & his daughter. The first line I heard in my head was little MJ singing “When She says hello to the woooorld”, so I flipped that and sent it to Ro. I think I remember Ro telling me his daughter would always cry, but when he played her that joint, she would stop crying! ha. I always held on to this joint as a memory. Several months after, my homey DJ Graffiti was working on a project & he sent this joint to Strange Fruit Project(Much Love!). They ended up lacing a joint called “Nostalgia” to it. It was never officially finished, but you can hear the first rough version of the song. Crazy how things & ideas come together aint it??” (Shout out to Cliff Notes for the full quotation). I always love hearing the back stories and miscellaneous sources of inspiration that imbibe the music that moves me. Now go improve your day:


Follow 14kt on Twitter. MySpace. Facebook. Be on the look out for Nowalataz!!!

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