Dear Moleskine

I’m Back! My sincere apologies for slacking on updates. I’ve spent the past month traveling all over the place and I’m just now getting back into the swing of things. Look out for travel flicks coming soon. If it makes a difference: I’ve missed you! My statistics suggest that folks are steady following the blog so warm thanks to all my readers (old and new), I appreciate you. What better way to kick off a new wave of posts than the latest video teaser from my favorite dream team: Jay Electronica and Just Blaze. Like always, it pays to be patient with Jay. Okayplayer gives us the official update. Read on:

“It has been a minute since anyone has heard from the mysterious Jay Electronica. Just to let you know he’s alive and well, working on new music, and apparently traveling both the globe and time(?), Jay cut some footage from his trip to Asia to a new track of his produced by Just Blaze called “Dear Moleskine.” The footage was shot on location by Jason Goldwatch. Specifically, in this piece, the Pashputinath Hindu Temple and The Bodinath Buddhist Temple in Kathmandu Nepal. It is from a collaborative film/music project between Jay Electronica’s The Dogon Society and DECON. The project currently has no title or street date.”


The world awaits, Jay Electronica.

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