Introducing: Ayah Music


This is my life, it is not a hobby. This is my one true love, not a one night stand Ayah


The good folks over at Rappers I Know put me onto the radiant soul singer/songwriter Ayah (the Arabic word for sign or miracle). Self-described as nomadic, Ayah has “found her growing world indelibly touched by a vast array of musical genres, cultures and social climates” which inform and influence her writing. I was immediately drawn to the power of her voice and the strength of her lyrics. I am a sucker for a dynamic soul/r&b song writer (for they are too few and far between these days). Ayah has an undeniable presence that translates well in her creative (and admirably spirited) music videos. Lately, I’ve been digging female empowerment anthems that address the problem of chasing fantasy and illusion. Of course, a healthy dose of fantasy is necessary but when it comes to matters of the heart, we too often get caught up in an idealized image of our partner rather than seeing them as they are (for who they are). We’re all guilty of this but with the help of Ayah’s beautifully crafted songs, maybe we can push past the infatuation stage to something realer. Peep: n. n.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Visit Ayah’s MySpace and Website to hear more of her music! Holla!

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