Leroy Smith: Motivize, Pulverize, Realize!


“Back in high school, I beat out Michael Jordan for the last spot on our varsity basketball team. Sure that one moment inspired MJ to become the Greatest of All Time but, more importantly, it helped me realize my incredible motivizing potential. There is nothing I won’t do or sell to make you the you, you would become if you could come back from your future and tell yourself what to do.” Leroy Smith

leroy333I am indebted to Charlie Murphy and the team of geniuses behind the latest viral video “Get Your Basketball On” introducing Leroy Smith, The Man Who Motivated Michael Jordan. Shout out to C+ and Freeman for putting me up on game (literally, ha). It’s been a minute since someone invested this much time and energy into their comedy considering the ubiquity of mediocre comedic shorts polluting the Interwebs. The early 90s aesthetic (both in graphics and apparrel) is on pizzy point. Who can deny the perfectly timed Mortal Combat references and pure intensity of Leroy Smith’s presence? I tip my hat to Mr. Murphy (who I met three summers ago on my lunch break in SoHo while ordering a Cuban Sandwich — he was wearing a white linen suit with a matching fedora, of course). Buggin’ Out majorly co-signs The Mastevator.

Motivize. Pulverize. Realize.

One Response to “Leroy Smith: Motivize, Pulverize, Realize!”
  1. Noel Miranda says:

    Hah I’m actually the first comment to this great writing?!?

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