Chasing Pavements

Jesse Boykins III @ 330 Ritch

Jesse KILLED it tonight. Peep his MySpace. Follow him on Twitter. Support the folks!


Booooooom just put me onto the most amazing, time-wasting invention to date: !!! Basically, it’s YouTube on crack — it streams every single frame of a video simultaneously. Additionally, it allows you to pause, track, and pan. While it may cause an incurable headache, it’s worth the visual trauma. I agree that the qualifier … Continue reading

Downtown Gotdown


The Racial Crossroads

Props to my favorite blogger, Jay Smooth, for speaking the truth on Asher Roth and beyond

Gucci Bandana

I’ll quickly regret posting this but cot damn this is a catchy tune…Gucci Bandana “yuh”

Pantyhose Live

Wow, Jesse Boykins III went in, son!!! She was a good sport, I’d be awkward too shoooot.

Road Tripping

He Said, She Said: Hara Tamiki

I: Death HT: Death made me grow up I: Love HT: Love made me endure I: Madness HT: Madness made me suffer I: Passion HT: Passion bewildered me I: Balance HT: Balance is my goddess I: Dreams HT: Dreams are my everything now I: Gods HT: Gods cause me to be silent I: Bureaucrats HT: … Continue reading