He Said, She Said: Hara Tamiki


I: Death
HT: Death made me grow up
I: Love
HT: Love made me endure
I: Madness
HT: Madness made me suffer
I: Passion
HT: Passion bewildered me
I: Balance
HT: Balance is my goddess
I: Dreams
HT: Dreams are my everything now
I: Gods
HT: Gods cause me to be silent
I: Bureaucrats
HT: Bureaucrats make me melancholy
I: Tears
HT: Tears are my sisters
I: Laughter
HT: I wish I had a splendid laugh
I: War
HT: Ah war
I: Humankind
HT: Humankind is glass
I: Why not take the shorter way home
HT: There is no shorter way home

Interview with Hara Tamiki (1950) by Anne Carson from Men in the Off Hours


Engraved in stone long ago,
Lost in the shifting sand,
In the midst of a crumbling world,
The vision of one flower.
One Response to “He Said, She Said: Hara Tamiki”
  1. womanativeother says:

    this is so beautiful is…

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