Buggin’ Out Exclusive: Apl!iq’s Downtown Getdown


apliiq1What’s good, world? Yours truly will be taking a road trip down to the city of angels this weekend to host Apl!iq’s downtown getdown to celebrate our first year in Los Angeles. The secret spot at 8th and Broadway will be disclosed in exchange for your RSVP (don’t sleep on this!). For the loyal apl!iq heads, you already know how we do — giveaways, raffles, photobooths, the ill na-na line up of djs and musical acts, and spectacular clothing all for $$$FREE 99 (only $5 for the diva latecomers)! That’s an actual recession special, y’all. As your trusted host, I will do everything in my power to maximize fun. Come through and experience it for yourself. Peep the line up:


♦ Product giveaways & raffles from apl!iq, karmaloop, frank151 and more…
♦ Photobooth with Mylo
♦ Cheap Drinks!!!
♦ Open Roof!!! and so much more!!!

RSVP: rsvp@apliiq.com for entry password

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