Santa Inoue’s Santasistc! is the focus of an upcoming with Monchhichi. Largely unknown outside of Asia, the Monchhichi franchise has been wildly popular as collectibles, achieving great success thanks to a number of difference releases and styles over the years that often mimic real-life counterparts. The Santastic! version includes some clear references to Santa’s clothing label and Tokyo Tribe3’s Minato. Available starting May 2nd. Check for more info.Hypebeast

I honestly can’t tell if these little collectibles are adorable or creepy or both. They look like multiracial puppies with identity crises. I can’t help but be bizarrely intrigued. What’s good with the pseudo-cop in the background? Why is there a monkey with a machete embroidered on his jacket? Any guesses?

One Response to “Monchhichi”
  1. tala says:

    my sister has had one of these her entire life- passed down from my aunt from back in the day- hers is an original, i guess- so its not all crazy tricked out- just a cute teddy bear

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