Blackberry Freestyle


I think we can all agree that technology has switched up the game. I recognize the irony in knocking Drizzy for reading a “freestyle” (whatever that means these days) off his Blackberry while quoting tweets from older heads disillusioned with the ever-changing nature of hip hop. The absurdity of twitter aside, FWMJ spurred quite a lively debate that deserves closer attention. Honestly, it’s hard to take Drake seriously when he’s anxiously shuffling through his Blackberry applications so he can open the emailed verses just in time to spit when the beat drops (and still fails…leaving Flex no other option but to rewind the beat). According to my students (who read poems almost exclusively off of their sidekicks), cellphones are the new paper. It might seem nit picky but there’s just something a bit silly about the whole thing. Drake may be young but he’s still been exposed to the founding defintions of freestyle (pioneered by the likes of KRS1) that represent the culture. On the other hand, hating on new methods can seem stubborn and condescending to the next generation of artists looking to change with the times. Regardless of any particular stance, I think we can all agree that throwing around words without re-defining their meaning creates misunderstandings that widen the gap between the old and new schools. If you ask me, next time Drizzy should come prepared to spit off top…and stop idolizing Weezy because it makes me like him less and let’s be honest, So Far Gone is my shit! I’m really looking forward to hearing what y’all think. Drop a comment! or two! or three!

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