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picture-88 LIFE is LIVING is a national campaign that uses a new form of green spoken story telling — one that represents the diverse and changing perspectives on what it means to be environmentally just. This campaign seeks to inspire people to take the value they see in their LIFE, and establish it powerfully as a new voice to define what it means to be logistically and psychologically included in the new, clean and green economies. Life is worth living, and Living is Green. Presented by Marc Bamuthi Joseph & The Living Word Project. Video Directed by Eli Jacobs-Fantauzzi. Photo by Bethanie Hines. Cultivated w/ Youth Speaks, The Natural Builders, Hood Games, Green For All, Global Exchange, Estria & MVMT. — LifeIsLiving.Org. Peep game!

One Response to “LIFE is LIVING”
  1. steve says:

    Living Life is a false front. Marc Bamuthi Joseph is green now…yeah right. he seems to be one of these negroes who becomes whatever the grants and foundations say is the in thing to do. last year it was slams, this year it’s green, next year the big foundations will say LGBT is the focus of all the grants, and dude will most likely come out of the closet to get that grant money with the rest of them. He and others like him are an embarrassment and a set back to the real people involved in the real movements they are pretending to care about.

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