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nat-king-cole-8x10Nat King Cole is my heart. My parents played Nat King Cole records when I was just a fetus chillin’ in my Mama’s tummy. (It runs that deep). You can imagine my excitement for the recently released Nat King Cole album RE:GENERATIONS executive produced by Carole Cole (Nat’s daughter). The album features an impressive and diverse range of artists including Cee-Lo, The Roots,, Cut Chemist, Just Blaze, Nas, Izza Kizza, Stephen and Damian Marley, TV On The Radio, and more. According to Carole Cole, RE:GENERATIONS honors Nat King Cole’s continued cultural influence around the planet, 90 years after his birth. RE:GENERATIONS dropped March 10 and is available in stores NOW!!! To echo okayplayer, I too cringe at posthumous collabo albums (and even more so at new singles that feature Tupac *cough cough* Keyshia Cole *cough cough*) however I stand by this particular project. I respect the artists interpretations of Nat King Cole classics and the production quality is undeniable. Maybe I’m just a sucker for anything Nat King Cole related but I highly recommend you all take a listen. If nothing else, listen to Carole King explain her vision of RE:GENERATIONS and how it came into being. Straighten up and fly right!

Go to for more information on RE:GENERATIONS. Holla!

2 Responses to “Nat King Cole’s RE:GENERATIONS”
  1. Mikey McFly says:


  2. Paul Nakazawa says:

    Isa – Grandpa Yosh was the original Nat King Cole fan in our family, and I grew up listening to his recordings on 78 LPs. Grandpa Hugo was/is also a fan. Between the two grandfathers, I’m sure they saw Nat King Cole perform in person + it would not surprise me if Grandpa Hugo interviewed him at some point.

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