Sharpshooter Exclusive: TONE


picture-83Rarely do we recognize the efforts of those working behind-the-scenes. The dedicated individuals who document our vibrant culture(s) and make leaving a powerful legacy possible. To initiate this process of paying respect to these crucial observers, creators, and artists in their own right, I am kicking off a new blog section called “Sharpshooters” (which is simply a cute way of saying “photographer”). I’ll be sure to include more than photographers as this section progresses but for now, let’s take a closer look at the men and women behind the lens. After all, it is through their eyes that we come to understand our world. It makes sense then that Buggin’ Out’s very first sharpshooter is NYC based photographer TONE. If you keep up with this blog, you’ll quickly identify his name and work as I have posted countless flicks from his impressive and ever-growing portfolio. A household name in some of my favorite NYC circles, TONE is notorious for capturing everything from the raw energy of NYC nightlife to the often overlooked talent of teenage artists, graffiti writers and emcees at New Design High School. He is the resident photographer for the beautiful hot-messery that goes down every Monday @ Sway. Additionally, he runs The New Pop: New York’s Online Video Magazine with sharpshooter partner-in-crime Trevz that includes community profiles, photo documentary series, viral ads, and raw & gritty footage from the livest parties and events popping off in NYC. Fortunately for us, TONE recently revelead his new website that makes viewing his photos easy, intuitive and fun (it doesn’t hurt that the layout is super CLEAN!). Beyond slideshows, you can check out online blurbs or photo books that he puts together like THIS ONE that showcase some of his best work. Let’s see the world through his eyes, peep this:







_mg_5118…and that’s just a taste! I recommend you attend some of these events to experience the untamed energy he captures. As someone who has partaken in the festivities, I can attest to the simple logistical difficulties of having a camera in such an intimate and crowded space. Nevermind orchestrating interesting compositions and shots that make debaucherous nights look somewhat photogenic. It helps that TONE works with the personalities in the room (and it doesn’t hurt that many of his subjects are extremely good looking, ha. I know it’s what we’re all thinking). That ends our very first “sharpshooters” exclusive and who better to kick things off than TONE? Please, please, please follow the links to check out his work in depth. Support good shit, HOLLA!

  • Browse the personal portfolio of TONE right HERE
  • Keep up with The New Pop sensation HERE
  • Stalk TONE on twitter HERE
  • Hit me up at BUGGINOUTBLOG (AT) GMAL (DOT) COM to be the next sharpshooter!!!

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