MGMT vs. Sarkozy


I have to exploit this photograph of Ben and Andrew of MGMT fame simply because it captures shirtless intraspecial love and one of those silly hats stoner snowboarders wear indoors. In other news, the MGMT boys are too busy suing world leaders to pose with adorable kittens for photoshoots. That’s right, if you haven’t already heard from Perez Hilton, MGMT are suing French Presdient Nicolas Sarkozy for using their hit “Kids” (the theme of my undergradaute years) on online videos without proper permission. It’s amusing yet hard to believe that our homies have reached the level where suing Sarkozy is an actual newsworthy scenario. Back at Wesleyan, we never knew that one day some of us might acquire enough power, wealth, status and fame to hold world leaders accountable to laws regarding acts of counterfeiting– an infringement of intellectual property. As if they weren’t already ballin’, MGMT can expect to shower in Euros given that Sarkozy has already admitted to using the song at the UMP party’s national congress. Stay tuned for the ending of this bizarre saga. Read the full NME article HERE for more details. In the meantime, take a stroll down memory lane to this:

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