Holdin’ Up The Wall

denizenDenizen Kane speaks for himself. No amount of pyrotechnics, smoke machines, or bling bling could compete with the force of his flow and power of his presence. To me, Denizen Kane represents hip hop stripped down to its essence without the aid of props or gimmicks. In the following video for his track “Holdin’ Up the Wall” Denizen Kane spits sitting down on the street in a simple and consistent shot that brings the focus to the content of his words. Directed by one of the founders of Youth Speaks, Jason Mateo, this video is the culmination of a thoughtful and labor intensive process and collaboration among friends and mutually creative and inspired artists. I have had the pleasure of building with both Denizen Kane and Jason Mateo since moving to the Bay Area and I hope you will all take the time to watch this video and support this project by continuing to spread the word and share the link. The video got accepted to be in an Asian American Media competition. Views = Votes. If they win, then the video will tour with the Asian American Film Festival. For more info hit up AsianAmericanMedia.Org:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Check out more music by Denizen Kane HERE. Support Youth Speaks HERE.

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  1. […] Holdin’ Up the Wall (from Brother Min’s Journey to the West, 2009): One thing that’s stayed consistent from Denizen’s early Typical Cats days to his new album is the production. Though different beat-makers have contributed to all of these projects, the music is always jazzy and never overbearing; more “nod your head” and less “break your f*&%ing neck.” Mister Rey produced the entire new album, including this gem. Here’s the video. […]

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