Jonathan Yuen’s Inspired Design


“To touch someone’s heart with design” –Stefan Sagmeister

picture-79My girl Christine put me on to the personal portfolio of multi-disciplinary graphic designer, Jonathan Yuen. Based in Singapore, Yuen is unparalleled in his mastery of graphic design and intuitive user interaction (in my humble opinion). Yuen uses his website to present four seperate but interrelated design narratives in a fluid and devastatingly beautiful manner. The images look like ink drawings that have been scanned and photoshopped (though they could’ve been entirely digitally created). Yuen takes a less explicitly commercial approach by subtely encouraging the user to explore the world he has created. As the user, you can frame a picture of a frog with your hands, watch hummingbirds and butterflies fly and koi fish swim, and listen to a meditative soundtrack of classical guitar and nature sounds. (Yes, I know, “very asian” — don’t hate!) The fact that Yuen launched his site back in 2006 proves how advanced and ahead of his time he is. Yuen poetically illustrates the tremendous potential graphic design has to create alternate worlds for users to explore and inhabit. No screen shot would do proper service to his work, please visit to experience it for yourself. Look on:


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