Suite For Ma Dukes



“One of the more creative projects (commemorating James “Jay Dilla” Yancey) I’ve come across is this one, The Suite For Ma Dukes EP. This project was put together by Carlos Nino and Miguel Atwood Ferguson, and it’s a 4 song EP featuring orchestral interpretations of some of J Dilla’s finest work. Proceeds from the EP will go to Jay Dee’s mom, Ma Dukes. Go show some support and buy the full project on iTunes, or cop the vinyl when it drops in April via Mochilla. If you will be in the LA area on February 22nd (TONIGHT!), get that real life feel for the project as a 36-piece orchestra performs the Suite For Ma Dukes EP live at the Harriet and Charles Luckman Fine Arts Complex” — Via OkayPlayer

I’m hitting myself on the head for not organizing a trip to LA tonight to check out this epic performance. After reading reviews online of the first edition of Timeless — the larger four -part “epic concert event series that has historic composers performing with orchestral accompaniment at the Luckman Complex in Cal State Los Angeles” of which Suite For Ma Dukes is the next installment. If LA is within your reach, you would be crazy not to be in attendance.

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