Art Files: Post-It Note Possibilities



Yes, that is a Jaguar covered in 14,000 magenta, lime-green, neon-yellow, purple and electric-blue post-it notes. I came across this rather dated story (circa January 2007) while browsing the web today and felt compelled to pass it along. Honestly, ever since I graduated from Wesleyan I’ve fully embraced my inner cornball in which I find flickr pictures of tech dorks playing a practical joke on their co-worker by turning his prized Jaguar into a piñata legitimately entertaining. Read the ABC news feature for the full back story behind this prank. I understand if you find this completely dull but I think it’s ill to see what you can do with a simple office supply. It’s also a great idea for office procrastination. Who knew post-it notes would be the next new art medium? Apparently, a lot of people. I found this art collective, Illegal Art, that used/uses post-it notes in a traveling interactive guerrilla-style project where passerbys are encouraged to write a to-do list on a post-it note within a larger mural made up of hundreds of multicolored post-it notes that read: “TO DO”. Check out the series of photographs below to see different examples of their work (it’s similarly dated). I don’t know about y’all but I recently rediscovered the fine art of to-do lists and I forgot how helpful they can be in breaking down a seemingly unmanagable work load. You don’t have to be an anal dorkface to value organization. I swear…try them out for a week and get back to me.



Crosby Street May 2006


DUMBO July 2007


University of New Hampshire September 2007


Clark University April 2007


What would you write down if you were to see this mural today? Drop me a comment

3 Responses to “Art Files: Post-It Note Possibilities”
  1. GoodLife says:

    Just found Isa….she’s doooope…

  2. It's Rachel! says:

    (Still) To Do: book flight to SF

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