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Mr. West (or one of his shadow bloggers) released the video for “Welcome to Heartbreak” today with the pathetic disclaimer: “we know there is another video out there using the same technique so we were forced to drop it now”. In fact, it’s more of a defense than a disclaimer. Without over sharing the back story behind this “coincidence” as Kanye’s peoples would have you believe, I have to air this ish out! Given that Kanye and Kid Cudi were most likely left in the dark about this datamosh technique jack by their production team, I won’t play the personal blame game but c’mon y’all. I’ve read the overwhelming positive response on Vimeo and Ye’s blog to the datamosh technique used in this video and with everyone heralding Kanye as some kind of creative artistic genius breaking *new* unchartered ground, I think we should get the facts straight. The video Kanye is referring to is the one concieved of and developed by Ray Tintori (known for his MGMT videos) and the homie Bob “the datamosher” Weisz for Chairlift’s “Evident Utensil” which was released 7 days ago. You don’t have to be homies with these dudes to know that jacking their technique is WACK (but not too surprising). Now, we could hate for days but the bottom line is: datamoshing is clearly ground breaking and cannot be attributed to Kanye or any of his people. Kudos to them for taking it to new and interesting heights (because they have the funds and resources to do so) but let’s be clear about who did what, when. PHEW! SO, support good music, good music videos and the brilliant minds working hard for all of us to enjoy. WATCH YO BACK!

  1. GoodLife says:

    Kanye does it again….smh…

  2. robert says:

    also, the KRIS MOYES did it like three years ago for THE PRESETS’ Are You The One. whos jacking who?

  3. justin says:

    the ironic fact of the matter too is that kanye’s rippin’ sti has probably jacked up chairlift’s youtube view counts more than they probably ever expected.

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