M.I.A. Goes To War


mai_1292437cAside from stealing the show at the Grammy Awards with enough swagger to out shine Hova, Ye, Wayne and TI, MIA has been busy using her celebrity as a platform to spark discussion on genocide in Sri Lanka. She recently sat down with The Daily Beast’s Toure to talk in depth about her interpretation of Sri Lanka’s complex history and it’s present political moment. Maya made it clear that she “isn’t trying to like Bono” by exploiting otherwise abstract humanitarian issues to absolve feelings of personal guilt. It comes as no surprise; however, that MIA now finds herself under sharp scrutiny for speaking out. I read through several rebuttals written by highly opinionated blog comentators who argue she is “mispresenting” the situation in Sri Lanka. I stopped reading when they spiraled into convuluted, righteous political manifestos that seemed much more invested in showing off than presenting a counter point. In any case, I think it’s worth reading and listening to MIA’s interviews on these matters not because she is THE authentic voice or authority on Sri Lanka but because she is one of many. Regardless of where you stand, it’s a crisis that is too often obscured while the violence continues to escalate. Peep this:

Read The Daily Beast feature HERE. Keep up with M.I.A. HERE.

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