White Bentley Mystery


dj_khaled_car_chaseHonestly, I can’t keep up with all the Hip Hop gossip circulating on the Internet in the last 24 hours alone. First it was the record breaking number of blog posts about Chris Breezy and Rihanna’s “altercation” last night coupled with a few cheap shots at Usher and his wife’s plastic surgery complications in Brazil (but seriously y’all, when are we going to recognize the absurdity of all these plastic surgery mishaps? stop altering your bodies at the risk of your own lives! it’s simple enough). Now, the internet is buzzing over an epic car chase in LA that I was following in real time on twitter and ABC’s live video feed. I stopped after several minutes when the voyeurism felt seriously unproductive. Since then, rumors have been flying over the identity of the still anonymous driver of this infamous white bentley. The accusations went from Chris Brown to Dj “We Da Best” Khaled of Terror Squad. In a few short minutes, blog after blog were confirming the identity of the mysterious white bentley driver as DJ Khaled…until some internet savy mofo created a twitter account (@WhiteBentley) and a handful of twitterheads started to clear the air. Fortunately, news travels quickly these days and within minutes, DJ Khaled threw up a formal press release on his MySpace disproving the previous claims. Peep:


So, to set the record straight, DJ Khaled is not the white bentley driver. Another case closed…

One Response to “White Bentley Mystery”
  1. Isa says:

    disclaimer: don’t be misled by the date on khaled’s blog entry of “jan 24, 2009” that’s just the myspace blog messing up the date/time information (which it often does), he released that statement a few hours ago tonight on february 10, 2009. (just to be clear). here’s the most recent LA times article with more info on the potential identity of the driver: http://www.latimes.com/news/local/la-me-bentley-pursuit11-2009feb11,0,7473572.story

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