Blacklisted White People: Miley Cyrus


I’ve been told there are some people upset about some pictures taken of me with friends making goofy faces! Well, I’m sorry if those people looked at those pics and took them wrong and out of context.

In NO way was I making fun of any ethnicity! I was simply making a goofy face. When did that become newsworthy … It seems someone is trying to make something out of nothing to me … I definitely feel like the press is trying to make me out as the new ‘BAD GIRL’

You guys know my heart and know the most important things to me are my friends, family, fans and GOD! In NO WAY do I want to disappoint any of you! But when Ihave made mistakes in the past, I feel like I’ve owned up to them and apologized.”

A “goofy face”? We “know your heart”? *SMH* I don’t even know where to begin but that’s hands down the WORST statement of defense I’ve ever read. I fear for the person or people who greenlighted it. The truth is, Miley Cryus is (and has always been) a HOT MESS and thus I find nothing particularly surprising about this whole spectacle. Although, I must say I’m continually impressed by her *almost unbelieveable* naivete– it’s not like some annonymous hater released this photo on the Internet to spark drama of Britney Spears proportions, SHE voluntarily shared this with the world (most likely to show off her “fun” and “goofy” side, who knows). So no, I’m not turning this into a platform to delve deeply into Miley’s racism and it’s implications for Asian American youth– we’re not brainwashed Miley-obsessed fanatics looking for an excuse to get eye lid surgery, puuuhleeeease and thank you! On the other hand, what’s really good with this token asian homie? I don’t know if I want to slap him or hug him…or both?! Clearly, he runs with the wrong crowd. I say: get out now! At least, before Miley and her posse start getting asian characters for “PEACE” and “LOVE” and “DRUNK” tattoed on their lower back with matching tramp stamp butterflies and lotus blossoms. For these reasons (and general hot messery alerts), I am obligated to add MILEY CYRUS to the proverbial blacklist! She’s just the worst and if you’re not (for some odd reason) convinced by this entire photograph scandal, peep this (or any music video she’s ever done for that matter) HA!:

3 Responses to “Blacklisted White People: Miley Cyrus”
  1. James says:

    Squinty eyes, deep v-neck, dog tags AND a cross?! why is everyone biting my style????

  2. Lois P. says:

    can we change the list to *whitelisted*? also, does anybody remember the spanish basketball team’s ad for the olympics doing the same? let’s get educated. dang.

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