Money Don’t Mean A Thing


Dwele is a house hold name in the world of soul seekers and music lovers alike. Lately, I’ve been listening to Dwele on heavy rotation to keep up my spirits and provide a complimentary soundtrack to this lovely streak of beautiful weather we’ve been blessed with out here in the Yay Area. (The truth is: unseasonably hot weather = global warming = drought = water rationing + increase in produce costs = WACK). In other news, I AM SO BROKE!!! After having JUST paid rent, I’m epically broke at this precise moment (I won’t share the exact amount but think cereal + ramen diet for weeks) but the thing is: I’m not alone. I bet 9 out of every 10 readers of this very blog are just as broke as I am because let’s face it, times are HARD and finna get harder. While there’s no point (or choice) in running away from the realities of debt, rent, groceries, responsibliites (etc), there are ways to mitigate the pain such as *drum roll please* listening to DWELE! See? I brought it back full circle. I’ve been listening to this joint “Money Don’t Mean A Thing” on repeat today to convince myself that while we all need money to pay bills and survive, it will never solve all of our problems. In fact, all of us are RICH in many other aspects of our lives (just not financially). So, when you’re banging your head against a wall and on the verge of breaking down, take a deep breath and chill out to some Dwele to remind yourself that financial stability isn’t everything (not to undermine the IMPORTANCE of financial security + independence). I’m just sayin’ we gonna survive this y’all and aside from hustling multiple parttime jobs, we need to provide each other with emotional support, love, and good music! This is my first gift to my fellow rich broke folks, there’s much more to come (maybe even a recession playlist or podcast! be on the look out for that!) PLEASE, please, please: throw out some other song titles or suggestions to help folks get through these difficult times. In the meantime, listen and enjoy:

One Response to “Money Don’t Mean A Thing”
  1. jills says:

    yo isa, can a girl get on your blog roll or what?

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