He Said, She Said: The RZA


What’s happening right now in the Hip Hop industry is that it is deeply affected by the general economy of the country. The people who are getting the money now are young. When you are young “money” is not the same. I give you an example: If you are 19 years old and you get a record contract with $15,000 dollars, you’re a cool 19 year old motherfucker. So it doesn’t bother you, you know?! You don’t even realize it. But for the artists that are 25 and up $15,000 dollars is not a great salary, it’s a medium salaray. So that’s where the problem comes out. If you see somebody like Souljah Boy, who is only 16 years old, making fucking 200 Grand a year, then he’s doing great. And all he is buying is sneakers and candy. But if you are dealing with a rapper that is 25 years old that may have his first child on the way, or maybe his first home he has to buy, there’s the problem.

And I think as time goes on that generation of rappers who’s making it now is gonna face the same thing that my generation was facing, which is the decrease of sales. The decrease of hard-copies. As the hard-copies decrease, the royalty decreases. So they are going to face that and they are going to have to realize that they have to say something about it. So I think it will make a change.” — The RZA, WildStyleMag.com Inteview and image courtesy of FWMJ

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