Bullet Proof President


“We all know that we all want the best in security and protection for our new Prez. So they are going all out to make sure he has the ultimate protection. Did you know that Obama was wearing a bulletproof suit at his inauguration? Rumor has it he might have been adorned in an outfit manufactured by Miguel Caballero, a Colombian company that specializes in bullet-resistant gear like leather jackets, windbreakers, etc. Click here for an interview with this bulletproof fashion-aire. Caballero is well known for his super tough but flexible and business appropriate clothing (see pic above), such as the $7,500 polo shirt that can stop a shot from a 9-mm revolver. According to Caballero, many of his garments offer more than three levels of ballistic protection and they are about seven times more flexible than the Kevlar vests that are usually worn.  So does this mean Sasha and Malia are getting bulletproof backpacks?  Let’s not forget to mention the new presidential limo.” — Via Blind I For The Kids

I usually hate on bloggers who re-post but I have to give proper props to Blind I for breaking the story and frankly, it’s just too good to pass up. Isn’t spreading the word about Obama’s newly acquired bullet proof wardrobe practically my civic duty now? I know I’m not the only one who was unreasonably paranoid about assassination attempts during the inaugural (especially during that epic walk to the White House). Upon learning about his bullet-resistant (proFRESHionally forward) gear, I almost wish someone had made such an attempt just for the theatrics of seeing the bullets ricochet off of his suit (hopefully not into the crowd)! Let’s be honest, if that went down, errbody would be CONVINCED Obama was some kind of immortal heavent-sent prophet destined to save us all (from ourselves). I’m just sayin, it could’ve been EPIC. Obviously, I don’t really want Obama to have to perform any superhero-esque tricks but it’s a relief knowing that if shit hit the fan, he would mos definitely survive (and stylishly so!). As for all of you pedestrians with only cotton t-shirts to protect yourselves from everyday threats and dangers, go holler at Miguel Caballero for some new threads.


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