Neighborhood Ballin’





  1. Michelle Obama is the flyest first lady
  2. Barack Obama can out dance any past President
  3. Beyonce’s rendition of “At Last” made me cry…I’m a cornball
  4. Kanye West never fails to flaunt bad decisions re: HIS NEW MULLET?!?!
  5. (I’m appalled but not surprised)…No hate in ’09!
  6. Jay-Z is the first member of Hip Hop royalty to perform at an Inaugural Ball
  7. Nick Cannon is still a douchebag
  8. Yesterday was hands down the dopest inauguration in United States history
  9. Yes. We. Can.
3 Responses to “Neighborhood Ballin’”
  1. dnalel says:

    I read your post. Thank you, dnalel

  2. It's Rachel! says:

    The creeper in the top photo?
    That’s all.

  3. Isa says:

    HAHAHAHAHA good call rach! That is the creepiest dude ever! how didn’t I notice that?

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