Get Light Pt. 2

Back in September, I posted about “getting lite” — a new dance culture exploding across the boroughs of New York. When I went back to NYC for my most recent visit I saw high school kids getting lite on the 4 train and on the Bronx bound platform at 125th. I thought I’d look up more youtube videos to see how the dance has evolved beyond the original moves of Mr. YouTube. I came across another crew “DatDeal” (featured in the video above) and between their flamboyant, bright colored skinny jeans and oversized sweatshirts + fancy footwork, I’m pretty much sold. Peep game:

HA! I love that shit, it actually makes high school look fun (don’t be fooled). Clearly, they lost it towards the end but you can’t deny their energy and ability to keep an audience hype. Ever since I started teaching and performing at high school’s, I’ve been aware of how subdued adult audiences are relative to auditoriums filled with anxious, hyperactive and hormonal teenagers. It definitely makes for an entertaining show. If you can hold the attention of 500+ 15-18 year olds, you can do anything! (I’m not even kidding). I’ll try and keep y’all posted on any “get lite” developments. In the meantime, feel free to leave a comment with your thoughts or if you have any info/stories to share. From my understanding, “getting lite ” is ubiquitous at this point in New York public schools, subways, word!

3 Responses to “Get Light Pt. 2”
  1. James says:

    yea we been getting lite over here for a minute

  2. Sheezy says:

    i just love ny sooo much

  3. Chelsea says:

    I love this.

    my favorite is the classic public school auditorium.
    all that wildin looks fun.

    teenagers are ridiculous.

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