Family Portraits

japanIt all started in Fukushima-ken, Japan circa 1920; Ito Family Portrait (stuntin’ in kimonos)
longbeachFast-forward to Nakazawa Family Portrait in Long Beach, Ca (we started out reppin’ the West Coast!)
uruguayMeanwhile, mi mama and the whole Rocha familia were over in Uruguay (in their Sunday best!)
firstdayAhora si: the very first Rocha Family Portrait taken in the United States–Now, that’s history
momsfamClassic flick of the Rocha queen bees, this is where I inherited my fly *gasp*
watchingtvBlack and white photograph of mama watching TV with mis abuelos, Classic!
gmagpaGrandpa Yosh and Grandma Yuri back in the day– setting a HIGH standard for future Nakazawa’s
gma2Warning: not for amateur’s! That’s how you pose for a photograph, take notes!
dorkydad1Pops during the undergrad days at University of Chicago looking quite hip(ster)! 1 step ahead
gmaGlamour pic of Grandma Yuri–flawless skin and contagious smile, I can’t even handle it.
welcomeThis is where I come from. Let’s see where I’m going…

One Response to “Family Portraits”
  1. spristin says:

    This is what i do for a living…but i wouldn’t know you personally…you don’t know how many people’s personal photo albums i’ve gone through…therefore i can say yours are top notch!

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