Happy Birthday Aaliyah



Thirty years to the day, on January 16th, 1979 in Brooklyn, New York, Aaliyah Dana Haughton was welcomed into the world. Named after a Swahili word meaning “most exalted one,” Aaliyah was destined for greatness from her first breath. Today, while we continue to mourn the passing of one of our brightest stars, we must also celebrate the birth and remarkable life of this R&B queen. Rather than dwell on lost potential (as the majority of bloggers do), let us remember and honor her legacy. From the early “back and forth” days of bandanas, crop tops, baggy jeans, boxers, and shades to the glory days of sexy swoop bangs, fire engine red lips, belly chains, and leather pants and finally to her last grown and mature days of thin strapped classy dresses, fly fitted leopard print pants with matching lingerie, and gold threaded and sequenced tops. A style icon in her own right, Aaliyah never stopped reinventing her image and inspiring young girls (myself included) to feel sexy in their own skin. To this day, the classic early 90s Aaliyah look (alongside TLC circa “What About Your Friends“) ranks the highest in my style guide. Hands down the only redeeming quality of the notorious flop “Queen of the Damned” Aaliyah showcased her vampiric side as well as her versatility as an entertainer. Although her life and career came to a tragic and unexpected end 8 years ago, she will always be remembered as one of the most talented, loving and focused innovators and artists of her time. This is all to say: Happy 30th Birthday, Aaliyah.

We miss you…

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