Taking It Personal


36288_smith_danyelThe last time I blogged about Elliott Wilson was when gushing about my unconditional love for the genius that is (and continues to be): ego trip. However, this time around things are hitting a bit closer to home. Through the strange power of the Internet (specifically via Twitter), friend and fellow “gangsta blaw-gah” Sam Han recently linked up with the man himself Elliott Wilson (formerly Editor-in-Chief of XXL magazine) along with his wife Danyel Smith (Editor-in-Chief of Vibe magazine) to produce their latest joint podcast *but only after Sam passed the obligatory “serial killer” test*. Ha! Now, I’ve been raving about Twitter since day one so let this serve as further proof of it’s potential to bring great minds (and hip hop heads) together. You can hear the full backstory or “historical monologue” as Danyel would say of how this collaboration came to be on podcast #2. Elliott and Danyel speak on everything from the murder of Oscar Grant to the changing nature of journalism with the advent of blogs and “flip cam rap” craze. I especially enjoyed listening to Danyel recount her first (and last) time meeting Biggie — the very night he was shot and killed. As a young hip hop enthusiast, it’s always exciting (and inspiring) to hear personal accounts of these historical moments from seasoned and professional journalists like Elliott and Danyel. It doesn’t hurt that the two of them have an electric energy that keeps listeners laughing and wanting more! Big shout out to Sam for making it happen and pulling off a well-engineered podcast. I look forward to what’s ahead.

Podcast #1 — Last Week’s Podcast
Podcast #2
— This Week’s Podcast

2 Responses to “Taking It Personal”
  1. Mr.Londoner says:

    nice find y.n should have got a podcast yeaars ago.

  2. Cajus says:

    strongly agree. i was an intern under danyel at VIBE and although I never got as close to the powerhouse as much as I had wanted to, truly just seeing her grind from a distance was inspirational. Anything she is spearheading is bound to leave magic dust behind, she truly is a creator and I hope the podcast elevates her and Elliot to major heights…Elliot, your great too but I have to big up my sistas 🙂

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